Company History Corridor

Corridor artwork showing company history.


Client: Cummins Turbo Technologies

Location: Huddersfield

Products: Printed wallpaper & acrylic display panels

Timescale: 2 months


The technical centre of excellence at Cummins Turbo Technologies in Huddersfield is the beating heart of turbocharger innovation. Home to a world leading team that’s at the forefront of turbo technology, it’s the global nerve centre where the turbochargers of the future are developed.

To make the place an even more inspiring place to work, Cummins Turbo Technologies asked Media Mill to revitalise the Laboratory Operations corridor that links their Technical Centre to their Research and Development building.

The idea we developed was to celebrate their 60th anniversary and the many major milestones they have achieved across the decades. So, we designed a timeline that stretched the entire length of the corridor and incorporated acrylic display panels and information display boards to tell their story. We also applied vinyl lettering directly over painted walls to quickly transform the walk between the two areas.

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